We at Be a Day Maker love to celebrate our successes and encourage each of you to do exactly the same thing. When you take some sort of action, which makes a positive impact on others, share it! Share it with your co-workers, your family, friends and with us!

Have you ever watched the news and thought 'I wish there were more 'feel good' stories'? And what happens close to the end of the newscast? They slip in a cute story that makes us all feel good. We say 'Share your successes with everyone!' We all want to feel better and the experiences you may create by being a day maker may be just the thing someone in your life needs to hear about.

Here you can read experiences of people who have taken some sort of actions, small or large, to make a difference in someone's day. Enjoy them, share them, and create experiences like these in your own life.

Life really is a blast if you want it to be!

During a time of passing -

What a beautiful, inspiring idea! I know we really don't know each other THAT well, but would it be weird to tell you I just love you? I mean, I don't love you in some romantic, let's run off and get married type of way... I just love who you are. I love what you stand for. I love how you give of yourself and inspire others along the way. You're just a really, really great human. I'm SO happy you mistook me for the other (Name Removed) and we ended up being friends. You enrich my life.

OK, so what I did in honor of you and the day of your birth is this:

My grandmother died last week. In spite of the fact that I/we know she's in "a better place," with my grandpa again, etc. etc. my brother and my aunt (and me ) have been having a particularly hard time with her death. I have several of her Journals she kept throughout her lifetime. I went through them and found several passages that I thought would touch them and bring them comfort. I scanned them and emailed them to my brother and aunt, as well as several other relatives whom I think would appreciate them.

In one entry she talks about how she was lying on the floor watching tv and she turned to talk to my grandpa. He smiled at her and it took her breath away. She said that it was one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen... even more so because he was one who hardly ever smiled. She then went on to express her love and adoration for him.

In another journal entry she talks about her love for her family and how proud she is of each one of her children and grandchildren. She talks about how blessed she is because of their presence in her life.

I don't know how they will react to anything I have sent them... I seem to be more inclined to show/express emotion than anyone else in my family is (I blame it on being adopted and having different genes and dispositions) so I don't know if I will ever know how they react, but I will selfishly admit it brought me comfort.

As I was going through her journals I laughed... I cried... I felt her close by. I fervently hope it brings them some measure of comfort knowing she loved them and having that last reminder of her love through her writings. I hope they can let her go that much easier knowing my grandpa was there waiting for her with that same smile and that is exactly where she wants to be. But I know it soothed my heart. If I hear anything back from them that I think you would enjoy knowing I will let you know!

Thank you for giving me this gift, for that is exactly what it was. And thank you for asking us to write to you about it... very therapeutic.

Happy Birthday, my friend.

You are the best!

Donuts bring a smile -

My brother is going through the worst time of his life right now, and we rarely see a smile or hear a laugh. Yesterday, I decided to buy him a dozen of his favorite donuts (Krispy Kreme), and take them to him. The huge smile on his face was totally awesome! And the I love you from him was even better!


Need a ride? -

I told one of the young women in my neighborhood I would drive her up to Murray for her ice skating lessons because her family is out of town & she would have to skip. It'll take an extra 3 hours out of my day...but it'll make her day. I'll let you know how it goes!


Well, we started out with a car wouldn't go. The battery was dead. So we climbed into hers--but I drove. She just barely got her license & has a family car she has access to. Her parents are out of the country right now.

So we drove to the gas station, and I filled her up in honor of your birthday. Then we drove to SLC. While she was in ice skating, I ran to Costco & got some groceries...then I came back & picked her up and we came home in rush hour traffic. Not much to speak of--but she was so happy & excited to be able to go to her skating lesson and I was happy to help out...and we listened to the WICKED CD the whole way up & sang our hearts out. It made me young at heart helping make her day.

I told her the day was in honor of after she helped me carry in my Costco groceries...I gave her a hug & she took off with a big smile. I think this would be a great "daily" thing...not big huge things...just something little each day. I'm going to make that goal...make someone's day each day even in a little way...

Thanks for the encouragement --you always had good ideas!

We have so much to learn from those who have been around a bit longer than we have -

I would like to share the story of my dear friend and sweet neighbor. Sister Fotu who is 80 years old, a mother of 10 children, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother. She speaks some English and we have been able to communicate primarily through the spirit. Although, we do have small simple conversations that I cherish.

This week was a long week for me. A lot to take in and realize. I decided I would take it to the flowerbeds that needed my attention. Day 1 was long and I was close to calling it quits for the day. I didn't feel I had accomplished much at all. As I began to gather the tools, buckets and wheel barrel filled with weeds, I heard this sweet voice

"Jenne'...Jenne'...What you doin'?" "Grandma, How are you?"

Here was Grandma Fotu. I showed her what I had done and said "I am going to put it all away." Grandma Fotu, only as she can do, slapped me on the back, "No! We exercise." She sat down and began to weed.

We weeded together for another 2 hours. What a special day I had, learning more about her. Not through a lot of talking but working together, watching her hands and her beautiful eyes. What a gift!

She watched out her window everyday last week. As soon as she was done with what she was doing and if I was outside, she ran over. We weeded for 3 days. I am so thankful for our Father, His Spirit and for those who listen. I pray I can be like Grandma Fotu when I grow up.

The week after, Grandma Fotu came over and was not feeling well. I took her to the doctor. She had pneumonia and a bad heart. She was in ICU for 2 days. I went and visited her and asked her to please rest. She came home and wanted to work. She said her feet hurt because "she be so old". I had to trick her into laying down on my bed next to me. I had the privilege of putting lotion on her feet and massaging them until she fell asleep. She slept for about an hour. What an angle.

Out of the hospital -

I just got out of the hospital after being in there for a week and watched your "Be a Day Maker" video. Unfortunately, I missed a lot of the fun this past week in honoring your birthday, although I intend to still do it once I'm "up and at 'em".

Being on the other side of things right now, I have had a lot of great people help me through my tough time which has been sooooooo appreciated!

I just wanted to thank you for your great message. It brought a smile to my face to see what others are doing from your suggestion. What a perfect idea for birthday gifts! I'll let you know how mine goes!

Happy Birthday Rob -

I stopped in to see my tax guy, to file an extension for my taxes. As you can imagine, being the 14th of April, he was a bit frazzled and somewhat irritated by my interrupting his day. Once I made my request I mentioned that it was your birthday today (yesterday) and told him briefly about our friendship and then let him know I wanted to do something to make his day a little better in honor of your birthday and of our friendship. I put my hand on his arm and said 'Here is a hug for my favorite tax guy' and gave him a hug. He hugged me back and had a big smile on his face when we parted.

The cool thing was, his assistant, who I have never met before, said 'I want a hug too' so I gave her a hug in your honor as well. I only wish I would have suggested that they continue doing the same thing to others in honor of their friends birthdays.

The second person I made an effort to 'make their day' was the coffee girl at Barnes and Noble. I ordered my Chai Tea (which you introduced me to years ago) and told her today was my friends birthday and to honor him I wanted to do something nice for her. I then gave her a $5.00 tip on my $3.50 drink and then gave her a hug when she brought my drink out to me. She was full of smiles!

I appreciate our friendship Rob, for the time we have spent over the past decade getting to know each other, getting into and staying out of trouble, working and playing together. You are a wonderful person and friend and a very important person in my life. Thank you for being you...just how you are!

Make it a great day...and 'Be a DayMaker'

A simple but appreciated action -

I helped a lady in my neighborhood find some blinds and curtains that would block out all the light in a few of the rooms of her house. She has MS and another problem I can't pronounce and cannot tolerate sunlight. She liked the BDay tradition also.

A hug brings a smile -

Thank you for sending your video. I'm in San Francisco tonight and -- motivated by your video -- I thanked the nice lady in the concierge lounge and gave her a big hug. She smiled and thanked me, and I think it made a big difference.

I appreciate your passing along goodness.

Simple gestures make a huge impact -

In an email last night, I told a friend who has just met a big goal that I was proud of him.

Here is his response:
I cannot express enough how your "being Proud of me" means. I keep going without praise from others, but what you say is a show-stopper. Meaning, I stop and get chocked up. I don't care what almost everyone else thinks.

I maybe didn't fulfill all of your request (in both cases), since I didn't say I was doing it in honor of your birthday (that part didn't feel natural to me), but I did the main thing.

Pets are people too -

I was very impressed with your video and your sincerity to pay it forward with kindness to another. For me, I came across two puppies, in a commercial area of businesses, that were obviously starving and had been abandoned by their previous owner. I immediately drove up to the closest convenient store and bought 4 cans of Alpo food, which they quickly devoured. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture them, but maybe tomorrow. Pets are people too, afterall. So that was my deed for the day.

What a difference!!! -

I went to lunch with a friend and told her that it was your birthday and you wanted us to do great things for others as a gift to you so I paid for her lunch. The whole time I was thinking that I hadn't really done much, she could afford her own lunch and mine 10 times over. So as we sat through lunch I knew I needed to do better.

We had a really cute waitress, around our age who was so sweet and bubbly and always refilled my water, she was just cute and so full of life. As I paid the check it struck me that she was the one who needed help, I don't know why but I left her a $50 tip. As we walked to my car this girl ran to me and told me I had left too much money. So I told her the birthday story. This girl threw her arms around me and started to sob, and proceeded to tell me she had 2 small children at daycare and if she didn't pay them that day they would not keep her kids any longer. She said that was exactly what she needed to make this payment. Whooo talk about an eyeopener for me. So for you birthday you made it possible for a single mother to keep her kids in day care. Thanks for your inspiration and your friendship.

Spending time with someone really pays off -

I had a friend who mentioned she was having a hard time because she didn't feel appreciated. I spent an hour talking to her and telling her all the things that I admired about her. Then I told her that loved her and gave her a hug.

I also told my daughter how awesome she was and how much I love her and enjoyed her company.

Smile, it's contagious! -

Today for my lunch hour I decided to get out into the sunshine and walk around downtown Salt Lake, proactively attempting to make eye contact, SMILE and say hello to EVERYONE I saw who was staring at the sidewalk as they walked, or looked like they had become disconnected like I once felt. And the result was amazing! With rare exception, I was able to establish an eye to eye connection, and receive some very large smiles in return. I surprised a few people who looked at me as if to say "you mean you can see me??", whose countenances lit up as if they had just been plugged into a current. The highlight came from a woman who I had just engaged with a smile and said hello to, and after passing each other maybe 20 steps later called back to me and said "I want you to know how you just made my day." Something so, so simple. And I learned something too. There were a few people who looked a bit "unapproachable" who I was tempted to pass by, but I could not have been more wrong. Some of them gave me the biggest smiles in return. Interesting, huh?

So, that was my experience, and I want to thank you for the inspiration! I learned a lot today.

A student's note -

I just wanted to tell you that you did make my day in fact you made my week wonderful!!

Thank you,

(7th grade student)

PS. You make a difference

       To empower another, is to empower yourself. To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself. And to free another is to free yourself. I say empower, celebrate, and free them all!
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