Welcome to Be A Day Maker!

So, who are we at Day Makers? You probably think we are a bunch of 'do-gooders' who spend our day thinking of things to do to make someone's day better. Well, that is partially correct! We do like to take small simple actions to make a difference in other people's day, which in turn makes a big difference in our day. However we are just a regular group of people that have the same frustrations and struggles all of us go through every day. Bills, kids, homework, work, etc. all present challenges for us that we have to deal with. The one thing we have found is by being a 'Day Maker' we have become better prepared to meet these challenges than we were before we became Day Makers.

So, check the site out and if the message we share here makes sense then consider participating in any way that feels right for you.

       To empower another, is to empower yourself. To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself. And to free another is to free yourself. I say empower, celebrate, and free them all!
- The Universe (Daily Quote from the Universe)
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