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During these economic times (believe me, I do not like to talk about the economy in a negative way) some things need to be cut from your normal business expenses. These things may be bonuses, marketing, raises, parties and social meetings. As we all watch the bottom line we run a great risk of creating, by default, a corporate culture that includes fear and insecurity among our employees. The last thing any of us wants is for our employees to be worried about their job status.

Bringing the 'Be A Day Maker' program is an inexpensive way to boost moral and employee performance as well as re-create a culture of team building, community service and strong co-worker relationships.

We also provide the opportunity for your business and/or your employees to sponsor the 'Be A Day Maker' program and bring it into an elementary or middle school in of your choice. This opportunity provides the students, faculty and staff as well as parent the opportunity to benefit from the 'Be A Day Maker' program and truly make a difference in others lives.

Each participating student will be sent home with a ‘Parents Packet’ which has an overview of what was discussed in the assembly, several family worksheets to help set goals and create positive habits, as well as special offers and marketing information about the sponsoring businesses.

Some of the benefits to the sponsoring business are:

  • Increase your 'local support' recognittion to the consumers in your geographic area
  • Great PR for your business
  • Create a more personal connection with customers in your local area as well as customers in other geographic areas
  • Consumers will be encouraged to support the businesses which brought the Be a Day Maker program to their students school
  • Increased, trackable revenue
  • Increased employee moral as employees are made more aware of how their company is giving back and making a difference

For more information on having your business be a school sponsor go to our 'sponsor a school' page or contact us directly.

       To empower another, is to empower yourself. To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself. And to free another is to free yourself. I say empower, celebrate, and free them all!
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