Be a Day Maker at School

Be a Day Maker presents an assembly program to elementary and middle school students, which benefits the students, and their families, in several ways. Each of the topics discussed in the assembly are reinforced in the parent packet, which each participating child takes home to share with their families.

Some of the benefits to the students and their families are:

  • Increased decision making skills
  • Learning to celebrate successes no matter how small
  • The importance of making a difference in someone else' day on a regular basis
  • Setting small, achievable goals to better their lives and the lives of the people they associate with
  • Developing positive habits to live by, which are established and reinforced with their parents and siblings via the '21 Day Habit Building Worksheet'
  • Increased confidence in themselves

If you take a minute and think back on your life you will probably find there were several pivotal events, which have dictated, to a large degree, who you are today. Although there are many events, which have an impact on our lives we focus on what we feel are a few key times.

4th Grade - The fourth grade is when children really start to have real homework, read more difficult books, progress into more difficult math problems and participate in more serious science, social studies, history and literary projects. This year in school can be a very troublesome time for students and, like it or not, will lay the foundation for their educational future.

7th Grade - WoW! Do you remember the excitement, fears, challenges and experiences going into Jr. High or Middle School presented? There are several key transitions which take place as students enter into middle school all of which add their own element of stress and challenge for both the student and parents.

9th Grade - Lets face it. By the time our students are in the 9th grade they are thinking and acting (to a degree) as adults. At this age they expect to be treated with respect, they expect to have the empowerment to make decisions on their own and to 'live their lives' the way they want to. Some children are prepared for this new-found authority over their lives and others aren't. Either way, they expect it and will fight to the death for it.

The Be a Day Maker program is designed to give a solid foundation for students so they will be able to smoothly go through all of the transitions in life, those listed above as well as career, education, marriage, parenthood, etc. Contact us if you’re interested in bringing our program into your school.



       To empower another, is to empower yourself. To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself. And to free another is to free yourself. I say empower, celebrate, and free them all!
- The Universe (Daily Quote from the Universe)
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