About Us

Be a Day Maker wants to make a positive impact on as many students, and their families, as possible. In our own small way, and with the support of local businesses, we feel we can make a huge impact on young peoples lives and give them real hope for the future. Hope they create for themselves through education, training, experience and positive feedback.

By starting at a young age we can help influence these children in a positive way and provide them with the opportunity to experience how good it feels to truly make a difference. And they can do just that no matter how young they are…truly make a difference.

So, check the site out and if the message we share here makes sense then consider participating in any way that feels right for you.

       To empower another, is to empower yourself. To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself. And to free another is to free yourself. I say empower, celebrate, and free them all!
- The Universe (Daily Quote from the Universe)
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